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Quick, and easy. Helpful staff great customer service I highly recommend over others 👍
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The service was quick and customer service representatives were helpful and friendly.
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Very professional, respectful and quick to answer questions or concerns.
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Friendly and easy to use. The lady who helped me with all my questions was very helpful. The process went smooth and quick.
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Customer service today was great answered all my questions and was great helping me with my banking issues.
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First time using this company. Extremely fast service and no hassles. I highly recommend them!
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Friendly fast and efficient. Great company to deal with and the application is straightforward.
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I was in a real pinch. This was fast, easy and I got the funds I need quick. Sure beats any of those other services in Canada.
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Fast, convenient and easy to get a hold of customer team! Best place for when you need them.
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Very quick online application and very friendly customer service.

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At Focus Cash Loans, we accept many types of income, including employment, benefits, and pensions. Apply now for fast and convenient loan service!

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For the past 12 years, we have been helping Canadians to meet their short term financial needs.

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All Types of Income Accepted

We not only accept employment income, but EI, child tax, private disability, workers comp & pension as well.

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No Credit Check Loans

Unlike other lenders, we do not run credit checks. We have personalized approach to every loan application.

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Instant Interac

Don’t wait days, receive funds within minutes of being approved with the convenience of Interac e-Transfers.

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100% transparency, when you get a payday loan from us, there are no hidden fees or extra hidden charges.

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How to Get Approved for No Credit Check Online Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans are the types of loans to look for if you have bad credit or past bankruptcies and are in need of cash. Mainstream financial institutions usually do not like dealing with clients that experienced some credit difficulties in the past. Also, most large financial institutions disqualify applicants with recent bankruptcies. Banks have very stringent lending requirements and usually disqualify applicants with less than perfect credit rating. In most cases to qualify for a loan with a bank, you credit score should be at least 650+. If you do not meet those credit requirements, you are likely to be denied right away.

On the other hand, bad credit loan companies have developed alternative credit scoring systems that are independent from credit bureaus such as Trans Union and Equifax. Bad credit loan companies usually asses overall client’s financial ability to pay back the loan, rather than simply looking at clients’ credit score.

Interest rates are usually higher when you borrow from lenders that approve borrowers with bad credit as those lenders take higher risks and experience higher default rates.

What is a bad credit loan?

Bad credit loans were designed to help people with bad credit to get funds they need for emergency expenses. Bad credit loan companies have developed alternative scoring algorithms that allowed them to lend funds to people with less than perfect credit and still remain profitable.

Can I get bad credit loans with guaranteed approval?

There is no such thing as guaranteed approval for a loan. Lenders cannot guarantee approval before they receive your application and look at your bank statement. Your approval can be almost guaranteed if you meet lender’s lending requirements.

Where can I get a bad credit loan?

There are several options to apply for a bad credit loan. You can walk into a local lender’s branch that offers bad credit loans. Search for “bad credit loans near me” in one of the search engines to find a location near you. If you live in a rural area or a small town where there are no lenders around, you can find a bad credit loan company that offers loans online. There are some companies that require scanning and emailing or faxing documents, others have developed completely digital application process. Visit lender’s website and apply online.

How do I apply for a bad credit loan?

The easiest way to apply for a bad credit loan is online. Go to a search engine and search for “bad credit loans online”. Visit lenders’ websites. Make sure that the lender that you apply with is legitimate. You can check lender’s license, BBB profile, reviews. Check for qualifications to get a loan. Fill out online application. Follow up with the lender. Hopefully have your loan approved. Receive funds.

How long does it take to get approved for a bad credit loan?

Approval for a bad credit loan usually takes from a few hours to a full business day. It all depends on a lender and how busy that lender is at the time you apply for a bad credit loan. Once you apply for a bad credit loan, you should follow lender’s instructions and fulfill all requests. That will speed up the approval process.

What are the requirements to get bad credit loans?

Requirements to get a bad credit loan may vary depending on the lender that you apply with. There are lenders that require collateral, some run credit checks and would still look at your credit, others like payday loan companies would simply look at your bank statement and verify your employment. The extent of information required from a borrower depends on the maximum loan amount offered by a lender. If you are applying for a loan over $1,500, you are likely to fill out a detailed loan application, submit your bank statement & your paystub, as well as have your credit checked and have your employment verified. On the other hand, lenders that offer bad credit loans of up to $1,500 have simple requirements and are easy to qualify for.

How long does it take to receive funds once I get approved for a bad credit loan?

It usually doesn’t take longer than 48 hours to receive the funds once you get approved for a bad credit loan. If you are applying for a short-term loan up to $1,500, then you are likely to receive funds via email money transfer within minutes of being approved. If you get approved for a larger loan, let’s say $10,000, then funds will likely be transferred via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to your bank account. EFT transfer might take up to 48 hours to complete.