What are the qualifications to get a payday loan with Focus Cash Loans?

The qualifications are simple and easy to meet. If you answer yes to the following questions, you are pre-qualified for a loan with Focus Cash Loans:

  • Are you currently employed or receiving CPP, Private Pension, EI, WCB, CTC or Non-Government Disability benefits?
  • Do you have an active chequing account that has been opened for at least 3 month with your income directly deposited into that chequing account?
  • Are you 19 years or older?
  • Is your net income at least $1,200 per month?
  • Do you have a telephone number that we can reach you at?

What documentation is required?

We provide a completely digital online experience when applying for a loan with Focus Cash Loans. You will be prompted to electronically submit your bank statement once you complete our online loan application form. Yes, there is no need to email or fax any documents!